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Noise at the workplace not only reduces concentration, but also makes working difficult. An increased noise level in the daily work at the production line and production halls is far from harmless: The consequences range from minor hearing loss to increased hearing loss.

As an employer, you want to eliminate these dangers for your employees and provide personal protective equipment.

Competent expert advice and ear protection items from one source

From the competent expert advice, over a large assortment at work protection articles, up to the automatic delivery of occupational safety articles with needs-based withdrawal from dispensers - directly in the production: Rely on us and our CPS®SAFETY team when it comes to ear protection at work. Our occupational safety consultants are TÜV certified PPE experts and know the requirements of every industry. Easy. Carefree. With Certainty.

Statutory regulation for noise in the workplace

The legal basis for workplace noise is directive 2003/10/EC.

Noise levelClassificationExampleActions to be taken under directive 2003/10/EC
Up to 20 dB (A)Auditory thresholdForest noise, soft whisper 
20 - 50 dB (A)EnjoyableAlarm clocks, quiet radio, background noise 
50 -75 dB (A)Harmless  
80 dB (A)Lower trigger value for an 8-hour working day.loud conversation, passing carsFrom this on limit, ear protection must be provided. To ear protection in our online shop
85 dB (A)Upper trigger value for an 8-hour working day.Turning shop, boring shopFrom 85 dB (A) ear protection must be worn! Work areas must be marked as noise areas! Find danger signs in our online shop
Ab 100 dB (A)Extremely loud! Short stays can cause hearing loss and buzzing ears.Power saw, angle grinder, passing trucks 
Ab 160 dB (A)Immediate physical damageBlacksmith hammer, gun bang 

What is the SNR value?

Ear protection must reduce the so-called SNR value (Single Number Rating) to below 85 dB (A). If there is noise at the workplace of 100 dB (A) and the ear protection has an SNR value of 23 dB, then the subsequent hearing load is 77 dB, so below the legal limit of 85 dB.

You will find the SNR value of our ear protection articles in our online shop under the product description.


Ear protection should be worn!

Ear protection in the workplace

  • dampens the ambient noise
  • protects against increasing hearing loss and permanent hearing damage
  • reduces the noise of production, logistics centres and e.g. construction sites
  • enables safe work
  • reduces tiredness
  • promotes concentrated work

Ear protection by the professional

From the PPE tested ear protection with high wearing comfort, excellent insulation values, in the variants disposable or reusable to earplug dispensers, we have everything in the range.

Ear protection warning signs

According to the Occupational Health and Safety Directive, noisy workplaces as from 85 dB (A) must be marked with warning signs to carry ear protection as noise areas.


Otoplastics - Customized ear protection

Otoplastics - Customized ear protection

Our experts are trained to make individual ear protection.

  • better wear comfort
  • higher protective effect
  • prevents ingress of water and dirt

Ear protection in shipbuilding

Loud industry metal and construction

The hearing load in the metal and construction industry is enormous. For example during plant construction, there is often an extraordinary background noise: steelworks here, noise when striking the components there or bringing together the enormous parts, echo in the huge production halls etc.

There is no question that occupational safety and especially ear protection play a major role there. Our experts will gladly advise you when it comes to choosing the right personal protective equipment for your employees.



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