iBin®WP: Directly linked workstation supply

The iBin®WP heralds the industrial revolution in C-parts management: Industry 4.0 - People at the heart of a networked system world. The aim of iBin® is to link and automate C-parts management and direct workplace supply. Regardless of whether the container is on the shelf or on the production line, C-parts supply is now seamlessly ensured and automatic replenishment can be carried out at any time, regardless of the location.

These systems form the basis for the iBin®WP

They complete the iBin®WP (Workplace) as a whole and thus represent a networked workplace. The aim is to link C-Parts management with direct workstation supply for automation. Regardless of whether the bin is located on the shelf or on the production line, C-Parts are now seamlessly supplied and automatic replenishment can be triggered at any time, regardless of the location.

Bins direct at the workstation W-KLT® CLIP
Mobile bin

The W-KLT® Clip makes the kanban bin mobile, so that the C-Parts are flexibly available at different locations in the manufacturing facility and can be used either at the storage location, on the production line, in assembly or at the workstation itself.

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i®Bin - bin with camera module
Bin with camera module

The iBin® camera module automatically and autonomously sends stock level and repeat orders directly to the Würth Industrie Service ERP system from the bin, regardless of its location.

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Kanban bins at the workstation
W-KLT® 2.0
Würth small load carrier

The basis for the delivery of C-Parts directly to the workstation are our innovative and patented bins, W-KLT®2.0 (Würth small load carrier).

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Workstation equipment and supply

Discover our systems for individual, ergonomic workplace equipment and further solutions for c-parts supply directly to the workstation.



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