Automated material dispensing: ORSY®CRIB

The automated material dispensing system contains your individual requirements for production resources as well as auxiliary and operating materials, so that these are available centrally in one place around the clock. It functions just like our automatic dispenser and can therefore also be described as an ORSY®mat XXL. The system is based on our modular ORSY® shelving system. The system is configured and tailored to your individual requirements and article needs.


Automated material dispensing system

More efficiency and transparency through automated processes

As with our ORSY®mat, the automated material dispensing system automatically triggers an order as soon as an article is removed. Manual orders would have taken a lot more time and money which you can now invest in your core business. You will get an optimal overview of your withdrawals and the following orders, along with the certainty that no order will be lost.

In addition, you have the option of implementing a multi-level authorization concept with which, for example, access rights can be restricted for certain products.

automated material dispensing system benefits
  • 24-hour stock availability
  • Comprehensive cost overview for your C-Parts
  • Maximum process transparency
  • Flexible product range definition
  • Automatic order entry
  • Storage of high-quality items with secure access
  • Modular design
  • Free allocation of access authorisation


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