iBin®: The first intelligent Kanban bin

iBin - First intelligent Kanban bin

iBin® is an optical ordering system that revolutionizes the entire materials industry in a sustainable way. In January 2013, we introduced the technology for the very first time.

The iBin® is a small a module with camera which is installed in the small parts bin. It captures a picture when the bin is delivered and rates this degree of filling at 100 percent. If the production employee now removes the parts, the intelligent module measures and calculates the percentage remaining. Without manual intervention, the module then triggers the order.

The quantity, number and ordering information for the item can be obtained at bin level via the built-in camera; this is then transmitted to the ERP system automatically.

Not only is it possible to ensure just-in-time delivery of small parts needed for production on a requirement-driven basis, but C-Parts can be supplied in real time using an image format.

iBin® technical information
Technical information to iBin®
iBin® compatibility
Compatibility of the iBin®
iBin® - autarcik system
iBin® - Autarkical and independent system


Your benefits

  • Less rack and floor space required in your production facility
  • Individual, accurate planning close to the point of use allows optimal warehouse utilisation and further reduces stock levels with less capital commitment
  • Seamless and easy integration into your existing systems
  • Wireless system: simple start-up without changing your processes or converting your shelving systems and infrastructure
  • Fully transparent consumption patterns through continuous inventory transfer
  • Maximum transparency of your bin content
  • Regular visual inspection via counting function
  • Automated order triggering
  • Accurate triggering for C-Parts replenishment a defined residual quantity is reached
  • Integrated compartment in all existing bins ensures that storage location and bin size can be changed
  • Fully automated inventory count at any time at the touch of a button
  • Monitoring of A/B-parts, handling of non-original parts and integration with other suppliers possible




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