Individual assembly kits, repair packs and tool sets

We assemble and pack sets and assortments of small parts or tools in:

  • installation toolcases
  • tool bags
  • assortment boxes
  • polybags
  • cardboard boxes
  • W-KLT® bins
  • your individual solution
Mounting cases

Our experts from the service team CPS®KIT will gladly advise you on all topics concerning individual assortments and sets. Feel free to contact us on

Your assembly and connection technology in a set

Individual units
Various packaging
Sets from our standard range

We package small parts, components or tools into individual assembly or repair kits.

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Store tool sets
Mobile use
Individual rigid foam inserts

Custom-made inserts that will hold your parts safely for transport. Also ideal as a mobile tool kit directly at the workplace.

Tool bags
Perfectly organized!
Tool and small parts bags

We offer sets in matching system boxes or small parts bags. We individually pack tool sets in cases or bags.

Individual assortments
Own Sets & assortments
Individual imprints

On request, we can equip the sets with individual article numbers, your company logo, barcodes or your customer label. Exactly to your specifications!

Assortment boxes
  • reduction of logistics costs due to just-in-time delivery
  • quality and process safety, e.g. by batch tracing
  • optimization of production control
  • delivery over our supply solutions

Provide assortment sets where they are needed

Our delivery systems can also include assortment sets in addition to production equipment, operating material and auxiliary materials. Together with you, we will develop the best possible logistics solution for the supply according to your needs and structure:

  • centrally in the material warehouse
  • centrally at a defined location in the production
  • decentralized in every area of the production with the articles that are required there (e.g. directly in the assembly, etc.)



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