Bin clip for the workstation

W-KLT®Clip bin clip: the suspension profile for the Würth small load carrier

With the W-KLT®Clip you can attach our Kanban bins directly to the workstation. This gives you the items you need for the work steps right at your fingertips and saves you the trip to a storage location, saving you valuable time and increasing productivity.

The W-KLT®Clip is compatible with our Würth small load carrier 2.0. In addition, the W-KLT®Clip mini is a suitable module for our W-KLT®2.0 S small load carrier.

The clip is made of robust aluminium and carries up to 15 kg. The inclination angle 0/15/25° allows the containers to be attached individually to each of your workstations with the help of the bin clip and contributes to optimum ergonomics.


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