Anti-fatigue mats: for more ergonomics and comfort at the workplace

Working in a standing position, as it is common for production and assembly workplaces, provides few possibilities for movement and can therefore often have a negative effect on the productivity and health of employees.

Work mats promote movement and strengthen circulation

Anti-fatigue mats prevent many of these negative effects. The resilient surface of the mat ensures that feet adapt almost imperceptibly to them. Muscles in feet and calves contract, keeping feet in constant motion and pumping blood into the heart and veins similar to running. This strengthens circulation and counteracts the fatigue that leads to reduced concentration and mistakes.

In addition, anti-fatigue mats protect the back and joints during longer periods of standing, reduce tension and back pain and thus sustainably increase the health and satisfaction of employees.

Reduced risk of tripping and slipping due to anti-fatigue mats

Our anti-fatigue mats also increase safety at standing workstations. Their anti-slip characteristics and bevelled edges reduce the risk of employees slipping or stumbling and injuring themselves. In addition, we offer variants with a yellow safety marking for additional visual highlighting.

Order anti-fatigue mats in our online shop

In our online shop you will find a large selection of anti-fatigue mats, insulation mats and dirt-trapping mats for various requirements. Our product range includes yard goods, single mats as well as modular tile systems.

Anti-fatigue mats in the online shop

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